Saturday, June 25, 2011

Journal Updates

Back around Mother's Day, I described a household journal that I created from an altered book. Well, we've been using it, but it hasn't really been working for us because the binder rings that I put through the covers and papers were too bulky and unstable, and it was hard to get pages in and out or even turn them easily.

So, the other night I had a brain wave . . .

I removed the rings I'd originally used and dismantled an old 3-ring binder. Then, genius that I am, I simply glued the binder spine onto the spine of my altered book cover. Voila!

I glued on a few decorative stars to cover the holes I had previously made:

And  I added a few more tabs to divide the book into sections:

I also sliced our calendar down the middle and hole punched it (it had previously been in a booklet form inserted with a magazine holder -- but it didn't lie flat and always slipped around, which was annoying). Now it is much more functional :)

And in other journal news -- I actually finished -- as in filled up -- the journal that I altered last year. LAST YEAR! As in one year ago. That's a record for me!!!Usually I have the best of intentions, but those intentions fade in the reality of life, and I restart the journals with years between the entries. But I have soooooooo been enjoying my prayer/poetry journal! I have another one all ready to alter (I've even started writing in it!) -- and I think I'm going to make another bag to match it (this time a little bigger so I can fit all my reading and writing materials in).

Next I want to think about another art journal  . . .

How have you been using journals lately? Any fun or creative uses?

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