Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Notebook

Someone special in our family is celebrating a birthday this month, so I decided I wanted to make a little something to commemorate the occasion. Since I had so much fun making that journal and tote last month but didn't have the same time frame in which to work, I thought I'd try a little notebook -- with a springy theme. Using cardboard, fabric scraps, old art, stamps, and one of the backgrounds from my Artistic Mother projects (which I have yet to finish!), I bound some yellow paper into this little notebook:

Because the cardboard was ugly, I glued the front and back pages to the covers. In retrospect, I wish I'd put some coloured cardstock instead, but oh well!

I left the background undecorated on the back cover, with the exception of a little bird stamp. I think he's such a cute little birdie!

I pulled out my painting from our little "classically creative" project and used it to wrap the gift.

I don't know what the little book could be used for -- grocery lists, phone messages, whatever. I do know that I soon want to make one for myself so I can start counting my God-gifts, like Ann Voskamp.

Do you like little notebooks? What do you use them for? Have you found any fun ways to make your own?

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  1. Love all these colors. You are not afraid to be bold. I like that.


    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Thanks, Coleen :) I do have a tendency to be more subtle with my colour choices -- but since it was spring, I decided to go with nice springy colours :)

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