Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink Prettiness

My Beloved came home with flowers tonight. Love it. Love him!

What little glimpses of prettiness have you had today?


  1. Xinme, wish I knew how to pronounce that. You have such a pretty blog and I'm very impressed with what all you are doing. It's great you are doing art while your kids are young. I homeschooled mine too and it was a job. Didn't get much art done in those years. I"m following now on your networked blogs and hope you'll follow on mine too. I tried to follow in the other spot, but it wouldn't let me. I'll try again later.
    Blessings, Coleen, in Ukraine

  2. LOL -- It stands for "Christ in me" -- so you could either pronounce it that way, or "X in me" ;)And you probably couldn't sign up to follow by Google cuz you were already one of my first 40 or so followers :)I've finally figured out how to let people subscribe by email, so that's an option, too. Oh -- and I've been following you for a while, as well :)


Sincere responses . . .

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