Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learning about Living Love

Last night, my family was privileged to enjoy the performance AND company of The Watoto Children's Choir (do visit the website at -- I'm not authorized to provide links here) when our church hosted a performance and we billeted seven members of the choir. It was a short but sweet experience, as they arrived at our home around 9:30p.m. and had to be on the bus at 7:00 a.m. this morning. The impeccably mannered children and leaders were a delight to watch (where DO they get that energy?!?!?) and serve with our personal time and resources.

The experience really got me thinking about how important it is to learn to live love. The mission itself is a testimony to the impact that can be made with a lifestyle of service to those in need. Of the millions of vulnerable children in African countries like Uganda, hundreds, maybe even thousands have been given hope for the future because one man, Gary Skinner, saw a need and chose to respond to that need (see his story at What would happen if each of us chose to live love like that?

My hope is that last night my children got a glimpse of what awesome things could happen.

Creative vision is necessary to live love in ways that have a life-giving impact on people. Are there visions or dreams that you have to reach out to others and demonstrate a lifestyle of love so that others can have hope -- so others can have life?

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