Monday, June 14, 2010

Silent But Not Unproductive

I know that I haven't posted in a while. I have, however, been quite busily productive. We hosted a baby shower at our home on Saturday, and that meant lots of cleaning (does that count as creativity???? It should!) and "prettying up" the house. For example, here is some of the porch prettiness (more later when the lilies are in bloom):

Oh, and here's the freshly groomed greeter:

In addition to scrubbing all the mainfloor baseboards (a task I've deferred for far too long!),  I dismantled and moved (with muscle help from DD12) the china cabinet and purged it to look a little less cluttered -- finding homes for things in various other cupboards and cabinets. (Let's see if I can ever find anything again!) Oh, and DH primed and painted the ugly grey legs of our board room turned dining room table. What a difference it makes! I didn't get a chance to take "before" pictures, but here is the colour of the legs before, since the top still looks that way (for now):

And here's what they look like now -- though they still need another coat of paint:

(That table cloth looks purple -- it's actually brown, as the colours for the shower were brown and baby blue.) What a difference, though --- don't you think?!?!?

And here is a shot of the "summerized" dining room chandelier (which we don't particularly like) -- DH's handiwork:

DH also created this "wall of fame" (for lack of a better term) by picniking some photos from a recent photo shoot and framing them:

Ahh, it feels good! We need to host events more often so we're motivated to get those little things done around here! Alas, I didn't take ANY photographs of the shower -- which is a shame because my DH and SIL did a fabulous job of decorating. The table, especially, was beautiful! (They've missed their calling as a team of party planners!)

The children have enjoyed a little bit of creativity, too. Last weekend we did a "Family Adventure Tour" during which they got to work with some pottery clay:

Actually -- even the rabbits have been (pro)-creative lately:

(There are five little cuddle bunnies snuggled in there -- just two weeks old.)

And last, but not least, in addition to adding to my Joy Notes booklet, I have been working on a Father's Day gift for my beloved. It's still a work in progress, and of course I can't show it to you yet, but here is how it started out:

(I love Usborne books -- but I've never understood the value of children's books that simply label pictures -- so I felt no guilt about altering this.)You'll have to come back next week to see the end result :)

What are the "little things" you've been doing lately that might not typically be considered "artistic," but that add a little creative flair to your life?

Oh, BTW -- do you like my new signature????

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