Saturday, June 5, 2010

Artful Lists

One of the first projects in The Artistic Mother is to use some of those fun backgrounds (see a few posts below) and create useful lists, such as babysitter guidelines and schedules for art activities. Here is one background I made (using watery acrylics and smooshed plastic wrap that was left in place until the paint dried) but didn't post because it wouldn't upload for me the other night:

And this is the "Art To-Do List" I made after doing some photo editing (click on the pic to see it up close):
The little box at the bottom is my square from our Family Art Day project. Since the individual papers in it represent each member of my family, I included it as a reminder to keep family a priority in my creativity.

While I think I might tire quickly of this particular background (I think I need something more muted), I love the idea of using my artwork in functional ways.

Have you found any functional ways to use your art -- besides the traditional ways?


  1. I love this! I'm definitely a bright colors person. I'm going to have to try this technique with the plastic wrap. I also like the idea of reminding ourselves to be creative every day, and in many ways - keeping our minds open to less obvious.

  2. Darrelyn -- the plastic wrap technique is definitely cool!

    If you like the creative every day idea, you might be interested in joining the Creative Every Day 2010 Challenge. Click the button on my sidebar for more information if you're interested. It's very low-key but also very encouraging and motivating :)

    Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. I love the background you created! Would be really cool for a collage too. I found your blog from CED! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Kat! I have been enjoying your awesome photography through CED as well! I appreciate your giving such a poetic glimpse of many places I'd love to visit myself.

  5. I love your background! I need to go out and buy some plastic wrap!!

  6. Thanks, Deb :) Perhaps I should specify that the plastic wrap is the kind you'd keep in your kitchen drawer -- not the kind with which you'd wrap gift baskets.


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