Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art Journal - 1

Last summer I decided it would be fun to start an art journal. Because I find it hard to be creative without there being a specific PURPOSE for the creativity (I know, that's a bit warped -- but I think it's the whole "Mommy Guilt" thing), I decided that it could be a place for me to experiment with ideas to use with my children, since I want them to enjoy and appreciate art and recognize their own creative abilities. I considered purchasing one, but it being the summer and all, when the cash only flows out, not in, I decided to make one with the materials we had around the house.

I started with a couple of pieces of cardboard, some paint, a picture from an old art calendar, a binding machine (2 bucks at a garage sale!!!! Can you say, "Score!!!!"???), and a bunch of different papers, and VOILA!

Here you can see all the pretty page edges . . . various colours of cardstock, black lined paper, sketch paper, watercolour paper, tracing paper (that seems more like vellum to me), hand made (NOT by me)paper -- all so lovely and clean! I cut some of the edges with a wavy blade just to add some variety.

And here are some of the first few completed pages . . .

There are other pages -- but I have yet to upload them to my computer. Nothing highly professional or anything, but I sure am having fun :)

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