Monday, March 22, 2010

Art Fair

I mentioned in an earlier post that we hosted an art fair with a couple of other homeschooling families recently. Each of the children studied a particular artist or type of art and presented an oral report about their findings. They also created a piece of art modeled after the work they studied. Here is some of the art work my children created . . .

My oldest daughter initially thought she'd like to study Paul Klee, but was really frustrated with her imitation of his Der Niesen. I think she did a good job -- but I know what it's like to not like your own work! LOL Here's her attempt:

Ultimately, she decided she'd like to try her hand at some anime, so here are the creatures she copied.

My 11 year-old son studied the work of  Quentin Blake. These are the pieces he created, with his own twists,  after his study:

My 7 year old daughter wanted to study collage, and one artist we came across was Michael Albert, who developed a form of collage he called "Cerealism."  Here's her version of his style:

And finally, my 3 year-old was not about to be left out of the activities. You'll see his model attached to the top of his work here:

We all learned a lot and hope to have a repeat of the event next year :)

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