Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Food Photos

Thanksgiving has come and gone already here in Canada. The days leading up to it were full of lots of culinary creativity . . .

We had to set up two tables to accomodate our guests (18 of us in all), so here is the dining room table:

One of the things I like about this time of year is using our amber glass collection. Here's Mr. Rooster holding homemade cranberry sauce for one table:

And Mrs. Hen on the other table, also with homemade cranberry sauce:

I know napkins don't belong in glasses -- but I like the plume of colour it creates:

 No, we didn't make these pickles, but don't you love the leaf-shaped dishes I found at a garage sale?

Our dining room centrepiece full of gourds the children picked at the farm a few weeks ago:

The kitchen table . . . with the cool Pottery Barn centrepiece DH got from freecycle. The picture doesn't do it justice -- but I really like how it looks in RL:

 Below is the pumpkin arrangements one of our guests brought as a hostess gift. Isn't it adorable? I love how it looked on a pedestal candle holder. We used to put cranberries and mashed potatoes and such in pumpkin bowls (a la Martha Stewart) -- but I never thought of making a cute flower arrangement!

The ever-so-popular buns that DS11 and I made using the bread maker:

My SIL is a much better stager than I, so she set up this photo to show off the turkey DH cooked:

It tasted as good as it looks!

While she was at it, SIL snapped a pic of DH and me:)

Just a glimpse of the festivities -- DD13 and Papa playing a silly game of head-butt, pushing each other across the room:

The all-time fave -- pecan pie! So simple, but sooooooooo yummy!

Caramel apple pie -- minus the usual decorations because they were eaten (by one that shall remain nameless):

DD8's cranberry loaf using the recipe from Cranberry Thanksgiving:

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, which I already showed you :

What are some of your favourite Thanksgiving foods?

Of course, it's about way more than the food. Do you have any favourite "thankfulness" traditions?

Check out all the lovely tablescapes at BNOTFP, where I linked this post:

And again at American Thanksgiving time:


  1. I really want to make a pumpkin centerpiece!!!! I will make just for myself because we are probably going away for Thanksgiving. It is so beautiful! Your desserts are amazing.

  2. Erica -- why not make one as a hostess gift, too? (Unless you don't mean that you're going to someone else's house for Thankgiving.) That's what this one was, and we loved it! Just be wary -- the bottom of the pumpkin rotted out after a week . . . I came down this morning to a mess of goop all over the kitchen counter :{

  3. I'm in awe of your "art of home making" ... really. I'm no where near where you are. I wish I were. :o( I should try harder, my family deserves it! :o) I love reading your posts, dear Friend, keep 'em coming!!
    (and feel free to come visit us to give me tips on how I can art up my home!)

  4. You're so sweet, Shannon! It helps that my DH also likes to make things look lovely -- and he's very good at it. (He, for example, is the one that pulled out the china cups for your visit, and put the treats on the plate ;) He's also good at seeing the potential in things that can be altered to be beautiful.

    I find lots of my inspiration online, so if I can also be an inspiration to others, I'm thrilled :)

    Thanks for stopping by -- and we'll have to make that visit one of these days, for sure!

  5. Everything looks amazing!
    Happy belated thanksgiving, my fellow Canadian

  6. Thank you, Jenny :) I enjoyed visiting your blog today, too:)

  7. Wow! There was a whole lotta cookin' goin' on at your house!!! I can just smell it...and taste it! We've got another whole month+ to wait here. :-( Very nice!

  8. TY for sharing the family gatherings. Love the pumpkin pie stand.

    Where did you bought it? Drool to have one.

    Happy TS...

  9. Beautiful tables, and the FOOD! I'd like a piece of each kind of pie, please! Loved the flowers arranged in the pumpkin, too -- clever!

  10. Alycia -- LOL -- I confess that I like the timing of Canadian Thanksgiving. It's a nice, festive break between the end of summer and the beginning of the wonderful Christmas season.

    Richie . . . we got the stand at a little bakery in a town up north. For some reason they were selling dishes as well as sweet treats! I'm afraid I don't even know the name of the store or the town!

    Tricia -- thank you -- I wish I could send you some through the cyber waves -- but they're long gone ;)

  11. TAG! You're it!


  12. A beautiful feast! I'm sure that everyone needed a long nap after indulging in all the magnificent looking dishes. Your tablescape is lovely...I particularly like the amber chickens. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. Hi dear, I'm from Germany and really like to have the recipes from this great turkey, the Caramel apple pie and the pecan pie. May you post it here? I would be so thankfull

  14. Beautiful table...the pumpkin pie is perfection!


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